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Is Popcorn Good With Hot Sauce?

Is Popcorn Good With Hot Sauce?

Hey there, spice connoisseurs and popcorn enthusiasts! Ever found yourself munching on some good ol' popcorn and thought, "This could use some pizzazz!"? Well, you're not alone. We're here to answer the sizzling question on everyone's lips - is popcorn good with hot sauce?

Are they a match made in heaven, or a recipe for disaster? Let's find out!

Is Putting Hot Sauce On Popcorn Even A Thing?

First things first, let's establish if this is even a thing. Spoiler alert - it definitely is!

Many people swear by adding hot sauce to their popcorn for that extra kick of flavor (and spice of course). From Frank's RedHot to Sriracha to good ol' Tabasco, and countless other unique craft hot sauces, there are endless options when it comes to choosing the perfect hot sauce for your popcorn.

But why stop at just adding hot sauce to pre-made popcorn? For the true daredevils out there, you can even make your own spicy popcorn seasoning using a combination of chili powder, cayenne pepper, and garlic powder. The flavor and spice possibilities are endless.

What we're getting at is, yes hot sauce and spicy seasonings on popcorn are definitely a thing, and lots of people enjoy it!

popcorn with hot sauce on it

But Does It Actually Taste Good?

Yes! Don't knock it till you try it. Hot sauce adds a whole new dimension of flavor and spice to popcorn, taking it from a classic movie snack to a gourmet treat. The tanginess and heat from the hot sauce perfectly complement the buttery saltiness of popcorn.

Plus, let's not forget about all the different flavors and types of hot sauce out there. You can mix and match to find your perfect balance of sweetness, spiciness, and tanginess. It's a true taste adventure for your palate.

Best Hot Sauces for Popcorn

So, what are the best hot sauces to use on your popcorn? Of course, this is subjective and depends on personal preference, but here are some top contenders:

  • Classic Basic Sauces (Frank's RedHot, Tapatío, and Tabasco)

  • Garlic Scorpion (Garlic and spicy? A perfect combo for popcorn)

  • I Love Taco Sauce Mild (Made for tacos but goes amazing on popcorn for a mild zing)

  • Reaper Unleashed (Made with carolina reapers, so this is for the heat enthusiasts)

i love taco sauce so much hot sauce for popcorn

Best Ways to Incorporate Hot Sauce With Your Popcorn

Now that we've established that hot sauce and popcorn are a match made in flavor heaven, let's talk about the best ways to incorporate them.

  • Drizzle directly onto your popcorn (a little goes a long way! Too much and it will make it soggy)

  • Mix hot sauce with melted butter for an even coating on your popcorn

  • Sprinkle a homemade spicy seasoning mix over freshly popped popcorn

  • Dip your popcorn in a hot sauce like a dip (This keeps your popcorn crunchy)

  • Shack it in a container with your popcorn (Best for getting full flavor, but can make the popcorn soggy)

Should You Eat It With Your Hands Like Normal?

Typically popcorn is a hand-on snack, just grab and pop a few in your mouth. However, when you start incorporating spicy sauces and seasonings, you'll be getting it all over your hands. If you don't want a mess on your hands, consider using chopsticks or toothpicks to grab individual pieces of popcorn.

It may seem silly, but it can save you from spicy fingers.

If you do use your fingers, remember not to touch your face or eyes on accident, the last thing you want is some spicy seasoning or hot sauce in your eyes!

popcorn with hot sauce on it and on the side

Where Does Hot Sauce on Popcorn Come From?

Believe it or not, hot sauce on popcorn has been around for quite some time. It originated in Mexico with a snack called "palomitas con salsa" (popcorn with hot sauce). This snack is still popular in Mexico and is enjoyed widely throughout the country.

So next time you're enjoying some spicy popcorn, remember that you're honoring a cultural tradition!

Final Verdict

So, is popcorn good with hot sauce? Absolutely! It's not just a trend or fad; it's a delicious combination that elevates the flavor of plain old popcorn. From classic hot sauces to unique blends, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding some heat to your popcorn.

Don't knock until you try it! Because once you do, you'll regular popcorn will never be the same.

What hot sauces are you guys going to try on your popcorn? What is your favorite?


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