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How Does Deep Fried Garlic Taste?

How Does Deep Fried Garlic Taste?

Garlic is a staple and versatile ingredient in many culinary traditions throughout the world. It's used in everything from Italian pasta dishes to Indian curries and Tex-Mex fajitas. There's no denying the versatility of garlic and its power to enhance flavors. But what exactly happens to garlic when you fry it? And what is the taste profile of deep fried garlic?

We absolutely love garlic as many of you do as well, so we're going to talk about the flavors, textures, and benefits of deep fried garlic and how it compares to raw garlic.

Let's get right into it!

What Happens to Garlic When You Fry It

Garlic is typically fried in oil, which helps to release its aroma and flavor. When garlic is put in hot oil, the water content inside the garlic begins to evaporate. The enzymes in garlic are inactivated by heat, and the allicin compound is essentially destroyed after you start frying it.

When this happens, the garlic becomes much more mellow and the longer you cook it, the more mellow it becomes.

fresh raw garlic on a table

What Does Fried Garlic Taste Like

Deep fried garlic is known for having a unique taste and aroma that is absolutely mouth-watering. Although the fried garlic is less pungent and more mellow than raw garlic, it still has an amazing flavor.

The breakdown of the garlic's natural sugars during the frying process makes it taste sweeter and less acidic. The garlic can also take on a caramel or nutty flavor. In addition to the amazing flavor profiles of fried garlic, you also get an incredibly satisfying crunch to it. If you've never had crispy fried garlic, you're in for a treat!

However, frying it too long can cause garlic to become bitter. So you don't want it cooked too long, otherwise, you'll have a dark-brown bitter garlic glove that doesn't taste so good.

Comparing Fried Garlic to Raw Garlic

Fried garlic and raw garlic differ in a few ways (other than obviously being fried of course). Raw garlic has a strong and pungent flavor that can be overpowering if not used correctly.

spicy gator toes fried garlic with spicy seasoning by mikey vs

Fried garlic, on the other hand, has a more subtle and mellow flavor that is ideal for adding to cooked dishes (or you can try eating it with some seasonings). Fried garlic is also a popular topping for many dishes, while raw garlic is usually only used as a seasoning.

Raw garlic has many health benefits, while deep fried garlic loses most of these benefits during the frying process. If you’re looking to maximize the health benefits, raw garlic is the way to go. But flavor-wise, fried garlic tastes MUCH better than raw garlic!

Culinary Uses and Benefits of Fried Garlic

Crispy fried garlic can be used in various ways to enhance dishes' flavors and aromas. It can be used as a garnish or a topping to add a crispy texture to salads, soups, and stews. Fried garlic can also be used as a crunchy breadcrumb substitute on top of casseroles or pasta dishes.

Additionally, incorporating fried garlic into a dish gives it a deep, rich, and savory taste and aroma.

Unfortunately, though, garlic loses its health benefits and nutritional value after frying it. The main benefit is that the garlic is more enjoyable and more palatable (compared to raw garlic).

Where to Find Fried Garlic?

Fried garlic is a popular ingredient in many Asian cuisines, specifically Chinese and Thai dishes. It's also commonly found in the seasoning section of grocery stores. You can purchase pre-made fried garlic in many online stores or make it yourself at home.

We're not going to cover how to make fried garlic at home in the article, however, we will share with you some of the best fried garlic you can buy online!

bbq gator toes fried garlic with bbq seasoning by mikey vs

Here are a few of our favorite fried garlic products with some delicious seasonings:

All of these products are made with high-quality garlic and spices, resulting in a unique and delicious flavor experience!

Ready to Try Fried Garlic?

Deep fried garlic has a distinct taste that adds depth to dishes and provides an amazing crunch. It’s less pungent than raw garlic and has a sweet and nutty taste. While it may not have the same health benefits as raw garlic, it is a flavorful and versatile ingredient that can be used in many different ways in the kitchen (even being eaten by itself).

Whether you buy it pre-made or make it yourself at home, fried garlic is definitely worth giving a try.!


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