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Spicy Food and Cravings in Pregnancy: Myths and Facts

spicy food and cravings in pregnancy myths and facts

From dill pickle seasoned foods and hot sauce, to spicy paprika and black pepper, spices may be the one thing you can’t live without. If you loved spicy food before your pregnancy and have increased cravings for this type of food, you may be wondering whether it is safe to consume them while you're pregnant.

Are spicy foods a no-go option now that you’re pregnant, or can you still indulge your taste buds and satisfy your cravings for the spicy sauces you love, even when expecting? This article will discuss the myths and facts related to spicy foods in pregnancy. Get the key information here.

Are Spicy Foods Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

Let's cut right down to the chase.... are spicy foods safe to eat during pregnancy? One myth you may have heard during pregnancy is that spicy foods could harm an unborn baby. The fact is that even though some foods can alter your amniotic fluid’s flavor, spicy foods do not harm your baby, cause blindness, or lead to miscarriages.

Eating spicy food during pregnancy is 100% safe.

Do Spicy Foods Affect Your Baby’s Palate?

Yes, eating spicy food during pregnancy may affect your baby’s palate. Your baby’s taste buds form at around week 15 of your pregnancy, and as the spicy flavors transfer to your baby through the amniotic fluid, your baby begins to grow accustomed to the food you eat.

pregnant woman with food cravings

This is why a lot of expecting mothers choose to refine their diets to cut out processed foods, chemicals, and possible allergens or intolerances such as gluten, as wellness brand Safe + Fair rightfully points out, “Since we are what we eat, shouldn’t we eat food, not chemicals?”.

Evidence suggests that if your baby grows accustomed to your food in the womb, they may become adventurous eaters in the future.

So, introducing your baby to spicy foods will almost certainly increase their liking for spicy flavors.