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A Step-By-Step Guide to Removing Hot Sauce Out Of Clothes

A Step-By-Step Guide to Removing Hot Sauce Out Of Clothes

Accidents happen! Nobody's perfect. Unfortunately, sometimes those accidents involve hot sauce and our clothes. If you’ve ever experienced the horror of a hot sauce stain on your favorite shirt, don’t worry, you're not alone, and removing hot sauce from clothes doesn’t have to be a two-hour mission! (We've got the details on how to quickly and easily get hot sauce out of your clothes.)

In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to tackle stubborn hot sauce stains, saving both time and effort.

Let’s get right into and start with step one!

Step One: Remove Large Chunks & Dried Spots

The first step to getting rid of hot sauce stains is to remove any large chunks or dried spots of sauce. To do this, you will want to put your clothes in the sink and use a spoon or butter knife to scrape away as much of the hot sauce as possible.

You should also try dabbing the stain with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any remaining dry bits of sauce. If the stain is still wet, you can also use a spoon to remove excess liquid from the stained area. Once the large chunks and dried spots have been removed, your clothes will be ready for the next step.

getting hot sauce out of clothes

Step Two: Flush With Cold Water

The second step to removing hot sauce stains from clothes is flushing the stain with COLD water. Make sure to use only cold water, as hot water can cause the stain to set and become harder to remove.

Aim the cold water at the stain from the back side of the garment, flushing the stain with a gentle stream of water. Be careful not to rub or scrub the stain as this may cause it to spread or worsen.

Step Three: Blot The Stain

The third step to removing hot sauce stains from clothes is to blot the stain. As we previously mentioned, try not to rub or scrub the stain. Instead, use a clean cloth or paper towel (or surprisingly white bread) to very gently blot the stain. Make sure to use a light hand and dab, rather than rub. You may also want to try using a solvent-based spot cleaner specifically designed for removing stubborn stains, such as hot sauce.