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What Pairs Well With Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

what pairs well with dill pickle hot sauce

Are you a big fan of the tangy, zesty flavor of dill pickle hot sauce? If so, you're definitely not alone! This versatile condiment pairs well with a variety of dishes, from classic favorites like burgers and fries to more unique options like bloody marys and much more.

Today, we'll be exploring some delicious and unexpected food pairings that will take your love for spicy dill pickles to the next level. So get ready to discover new culinary adventures with our favorite mouth-watering condiment, dill pickle hot sauces...

The Different Types of Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

To get started, let's first talk about the different types of dill pickle hot sauces. Yes, there is a variety of them. In order to pair your dill pick hot sauce with other foods, it's important to understand the flavor profiles within that hot sauce. Although they may all contain dill, you're going to find some other fun underlying flavors that will match either perfectly or not at all with your food.

So, we're going to talk about 4 main types that you may find in online stores or in your local markets. Spicy, garlic, sweet, and tangy/sour. This way you have a basic understanding of the type of dill pickle hot sauce you may want to get!

dill pickles on a dish ready to be served

1. Spicy Dill Pickle Hot Sauce: This type of dill pickle hot sauce is made with a variety of spicy hot chili peppers such as fresh jalapeños, habaneros, or serranos, giving it a fiery kick. If you like your food spicy, this is the type of dill pickle hot sauce for you! 2. Garlic Dill Pickle Hot Sauce: This variety of dill pickle hot sauce is made with fresh garlic, adding a pungent flavor to the mix. Not a lot of other dill pickle hot sauces are made with garlic, but the ones that fall into this type are very garlic-front and bold. Garlic lovers will definitely enjoy this intense take on dill pickle hot sauce! 3. Sweet Dill Pickle Hot Sauce: This type of dill pickle hot sauce is made to be... well you guessed it, on the sweeter side. Not all hot sauces need to be "HOT", and these ones are sweet with a bit of tang. The sweetness helps to offset the heat of the chili peppers, making for a more balanced flavor profile. 4. Tangy/Sour Dill Pickle Hot Sauce: This variety of dill pickle hot sauce is made usually with vinegar and lemon juice, giving it a tart and tangy flavor. If you like your sauces on the tangier side, this is the type for you.

bloody marys made with dill pickles and dill pickle hot sauce

The Best Foods to Pair With Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

So, now that we've got a basic idea behind some of the types and flavor profiles you're going to find in some dill pickle hot sauces, let's start talking about the best foods to pair with them. We've put together a few of our favorite pickle combinations and we're going to share them with you!

The best foods to pair with dill pickle hot sauce: - Potato chips: The salty, savory flavor of dill pickle hot sauce pairs well with the crispy texture of potato chips. - Veggies: Dill pickle hot sauce is also great on raw or cooked veggies. Try it on carrots, celery, cucumbers, or any other veggie you like! - Sandwiches: Spicy dill pickle hot sauce is the perfect addition to any sandwich. It adds a zesty flavor to simple sandwiches like an Italian sub or a Cuban sandwich, and it can really spice them up with more complex flavors. If you would put a regular pickle on the sandwich, then a pickle hot sauce can go on it too! - Eggs: Believe it or not, eggs are another great food to pair with dill pickle hot sauce. Whether you like them scrambled, fried, or in an omelet, the rich flavor of dill pickle hot sauce will complement the eggs perfectly.

- Burgers, hot dogs, and pizza: Yup! Pickle hot sauces taste amazing on our favorites. The pickle flavoring and the heat of the hot sauce make it the perfect combo for these types of foods.

- Bloody Marys: One of our favorites for weekend brunches tastes amazing with a couple of dashes of a dill pickle hot sauce. If you think about it, you've probably seen plenty of bloody marys made with actual pickles in them, and some people add just regular hot sauce to them to make them spicy.

These are just a few of our personal favorites, but when it comes to pickle pairings, there are a lot of options and crazy combinations out there!

dill pickle and garlic being prepped to make a dill pickle hot sauce

The Best Dill Pickle Hot Sauces

There are a variety of dill pickle hot sauces on the market, each with its own unique flavor. Some are more vinegary, while others are spicier or sweeter. Just like we discussed in the types section of this blog. We've also shared some of our favorite pickle snack combos, so now we're going to share some of the best dill pickle hot sauces on the market with you!

mikey v's dill pickle hot sauce

Dill Pickle Jalapeño Hot Sauce: A milder dill pickle hot sauce that is made with jalapeños. This hot sauce has a slightly tangy flavor and gives you the REAL taste of dill pickles.

Dill Pickle Reaper Hot Sauce: Similar to the jalapeño dill pickle hot sauce but this one is made with none other than the carolina reaper pepper. Spicy pickle lovers will appreciate the heat in this one!

If you want to see a review on these two dill pickle hot sauces, you can go check out the TikTok famous @thepickledguy where he tries both hot sauces! Whichever dill pickle hot sauce you choose, you're sure to enjoy its unique flavor. So get out there and experiment until you find your perfect match!

How to Make Your Own Dill Pickle Hot Sauce

Maybe you want to try making your own pickle hot sauce rather than purchasing one already made... Well, assuming you have a basic understanding of cooking and making basic sauces, making your own dill pickle hot sauce is actually quite easy.

Here is a quick summary of how you can do that...

  • Take the dill pickles out of the jar and remove any dill heads

  • Strain out any seeds and retain the juice

  • Place the pickles, together with their garlic cloves in a small blender cup

  • Add some of the pickle juice, a teaspoon of dried dill, and a small hot pepper

  • Blend until it reaches your desired consistency or thickness

  • Add more hot peppers for extra spice.

Now, that is quite a simplified version, but with those basic instructions, you can make a fairly good and basic type of pickle hot sauce. If you want a more in-depth guide on how to make your own hot sauce or how to make fun and complex flavored hot sauces, we recommend getting a hot sauce cookbook!

Create Your Favorite Dill Pickle Hot Sauce Snacks

Now have a better idea of what pairs well with dill pickle hot sauce and you have a few ideas on which ones to use, it's time to start making some of your own favorite dill pickle hot sauce snacks! If you come up with some unique flavor combinations or just want to share your own favorite, make sure to leave a comment down below!

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