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NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2022: Taking Home Awards

Updated: Feb 27

NYC hot sauce expo 2022 nj edition

What's up hot sauce lovers and chile heads! We just ended our Hot Sauce Show Tour for the year after having a blast at the 2022 New York City Hot Sauce Expo. At which we won 5 Screaming Mimi Awards!

What is the NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2022

Every year, the top craft hot sauce enthusiasts and companies from around the world come to Brooklyn for the Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo. At the event, there is plenty of hot sauce samples as well as some exciting entertainment. The Guinness Book of Records Reaper Eating Contest, the Stage of Doom, and Cocktail competitions.

mikey v's winning awards at the NYC hot sauce festival 2022

As with any other festival, you'll also find all the other amazing things such as craft beers, plenty of snacks (lots of spicy ones!), BBQ food, and much more. The NYC Hot Sauce Expo features over 50 vendors.

All of which are there to showcase their creative and spicy sauces and snacks!

This year was their 9th Annual event where they featured the BEST Hot Sauce companies in the US! If you LOVE Hot Sauce then going to events like this is a must! So make sure to plan for it in 2023.

With that bringing said, we brought some new hardware home to Texas!

The Awards We Brought Home

We're excited to announce that we came home from the NYC Hot Sauce Expo with the following awards:

  • 1st place - Mikey V’s Pear Burner BBQ Sauce

  • 1st place - Mikey V’s Ghost Of My Evil Stepmother’s Mustard

  • 1st place - Mikey V’s Chile Lime Gator Toes

  • 1st place - Mikey V’s Smoked Bacon Salsa

  • 3rd place - Mikey V’s Roasted Garlic Reaper Hot Sauce